Specialist Hardware Distributor in Johannesburg

Plus Ten offers a wide variety of specialist hardware equipment, consumables, tools, and chemicals to customers across South Africa. These include, but are not limited to:

  • A massive range of safety equipment, safety clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE), such as a welding range, safety footwear (safety boots, safety shoes), gumboots, clothing, and safety headwear / headgear. Our Brands
  • A general range of hardware consumables and related items, such as soldering wire, adhesives, sealants, tapes, spray paint, wall and roof coatings, ropes and twines, oils, lubricants and additives, and electrical consumables
  • A variety of tools, hand tools, engineering tools, power tools, tool storage boxes, drill bits, and other power tool fittings
  • An assortment of cleaning products and equipment, including household cleaning chemicals and industrial cleaning chemicals, car care chemicals, bins, rags, mutton cloth, brooms, and brush ware
  • A range of garden care consumables and household items, such as trimmer line, hose pipes, hose pipe fittings, hose clamps, cable ties, PVC sheeting, wheelbarrows, spades, shovels, rakes, picks, galvanised wire netting, plastic garden fencing, and barrier fencing
  • General items such as batteries, wire nails, fillers, chain, curtain rails, fastener
    consumables, window putty, spray atomiser, abrasives (coated and bonded), and
    household wire

Our History

In 1989, when Plus Ten was founded as a hardware distributor, the hardware industry was virtually controlled by wholesale hardware merchants. Most local manufacturers distributed their products exclusively through these merchants.

At the time, wholesalers established their own forum, known as the Wholesale Hardware Association, which dictated pricing structures to the hardware retail trade (among other functions). Plus Ten was born from a desire to challenge the wholesaler alliance. Applying the 80/20 principal, the Plus Ten product range included 20% of the stock items that represented 80% of the hardware store’s total turnover, and offered these items to hardware stores at largely discounted prices.

Seen as a threat at the time, this strategy led to Plus Ten being boycotted by many manufacturers. Initially, it struggled to fill stock ranges. However, as time progressed the market changed and most of the traditional wholesalers closed their doors. Cash & Carry stores surfaced, and mass multi-national corporations became entrenched in Southern Africa.

Unlike many other hardware wholesalers in South Africa, Plus Ten not only survived this progression, but grew stronger. We are now a major hardware distributor across Southern Africa.

Over more than three decades, Plus Ten has continued to evolve, adjusting its approach to a hardware distribution to accommodate market changes. Despite its evolution, the business has maintained its position on service excellence and highly competitive pricing. As a result, Plus Ten now services its 3200 customers from a well-stocked, 6500 square meter warehouse.