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Gravitate - Plus Ten exclusive brand

Offering premium cleaning products, Gravitate products have been scientifically formulated to meet household and industrial cleaning, treating, and hygiene applications. Manufactured by a Gravitate partner these world class cleaning, treating, and protection chemicals are available to a variety of industries, through Plus Ten. As part of the Gravitate range, One & Only, Triple Red, Formula Pink, Ataq, Slikk and Supa are exclusive brands used by Plus Ten to market a range of household and industrial chemicals.

Traditionally, hardware stores are perceived to be more expensive when it comes to cleaning products than supermarkets or grocery stores. With Gravitate, however, Plus Ten delivers a range of premium household chemicals and industrial chemicals at incredibly low prices. This ensures that its retailers in the hardware industry can not only stock these products, but also successfully compete in the household and industrial cleaning markets.

The Gravitate product range includes